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BagsOnRoll, a Brand by Modi Wrapstar Private Limited, is a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs, be it packaging machines or packaging material. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, we have the perfect packaging solution for you. Browse our selection today and find the perfect packaging solution for your business needs.

  • 45+ Years of Trust

  • Machines Made In India

  • ISO 9001: 2000 Certified

Packaging Customer Service
About Our Service

Customer Service

Our customer’s demand and satisfaction are our priority. All the products are manufactured keeping customers’ demand in consideration. With all the existing equipment, techniques and technology, we provide our clients with varied and the best packaging materials.

We always welcome our customers’ suggestions and work on them. In case of any difficulty or enquiry, our staff is always accessible for your aid.

  • Experienced Workers
  • Take Care Clients Satisfaction
  • Globally Stable Partner
About Our Quality

Product Quality

At bags on roll, we believe in quality above quantity. We are all about incredible quality products. Our team is always motivated to manufacture the nicest quality machinery with no flaws. From the latest technology to innovations, we use the most effective ways and finest materials for the excellence that we provide our customers.

The quality of our products tells itself that it’s produced with full determination and we have worked hard on it. Right from the beginning, we do through quality check at every step of the manufacturing process to avoid any malfunctions.

  • At bags on roll, we believe in quality above quantity.
  • The machinery is driven to produce high-quality products without any defects.
  • Quality checks are done during manufacturing to avoid problems.
About Our Quality
Packaging Machine Manufacturer Infrastructure
About Our Infrastructure


To meet the demands of customers we provide our team with the best, safe and sound environment. Our infrastructure plays a crucial factor in manufacturing the finest machinery. Our unit is fully equipped with all the essential machines for the extraordinary quality of packing materials.

We have a skilled worker team with ample knowledge about all the latest technologies related to this field. Our team plan new strategies and implement them in constructive ways to build better machines and packing materials. In short, we dedicate all our efforts and skills to benefit our client.

  • The team ensured a safe work environment to meet customer demands.
  • Skilled team with latest tech knowledge.
  • We strive to benefit our clients with our skills and efforts.
About Our Future Outlook

Future Outlook

We are constantly working on new procedures to make our products more economical and environment-friendly. In the coming future, we intend to keep more biodegradable plastics that do not harm our environment.

Our motive is to provide our customer with services and products whose brilliance is above their expectations without putting pressure or harming the environment. And we work with full dedication to achieve this goal.

  • We strive to make our products eco-friendly and cost-effective through innovative procedures.
  • We plan to increase the use of biodegradable plastics that are environmentally safe in the future.
  • Our goal is to provide outstanding products and services while prioritizing the environment and exceeding customer expectations, and we work relentlessly to achieve this.
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Modi Wrapstar Private Limited is a top manufacturer of packaging materials and machinery in India.

It is India’s leading manufacturer of assorted types of packaging bags like CPE 07 bags, tamper-evident courier bags, security bubble padded envelopes, EVA films, Vci films, Resealable tape bags, Anti-static films, clear polythene bags,tube and sheets, shrink films, stretch films, zip and grip seal bag, and courier bag with double jacket. For the remarkable quality of Plastic film.

Leading Manufacturer of Packing Materials

Modi Wrapstar is a leading manufacturer of packing materials and machinery in India.

LDPE Packaging Solution

Modi Wrapstar serves various industries and offers the exclusive LDPE packaging solution in India.

House Processing

The company provides a variety of packaging machines and materials, with in-house processing.

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