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Semi-Automatic Pre-Opened Vertical Packaging Machine

Semi-Automatic Pre-Opened Vertical Packaging Machine (BOR VSA0229)

Opened Vertical Packaging MachinePackaging Speed ranges from 5-50 Bags Per Minute.

Opened Vertical Packaging MachineEasy Integration with Automatic Lines and Conveyor Belts.

Semi Opened Vertical Packaging MachineReduces Packaging Cost to 1/10th

PACKAGING MACHINEIncreases efficiency and Finishing

Seq Bar Coding / QR Code Integration

automaticEasy Touch Operational Display

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Automate Packaging in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Just add a Roll.
  2. Turn on the Machine.
  3. Select the start Button.
  4. And the packaging starts.
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Semi Packaging Machine
Reduces Packaging Cost to 1/10th
Packaging Machine
Increases Efficiency & Finishing
Packaging Machine
Seq Bar Coding / QR Code Integration
Packaging Machine
Easy Touch Operational Display
Packaging Machine
Easy Integration with Lines and Conveyor

Machine Information

The BOR VSA0229 is a semi-automatic pre-opened vertical packaging machine designed to efficiently package products in a vertical orientation. With its pre-opening system and customizable options.ย Semi-Automatic Pre-Opened Vertical Packaging saves time and reduces labor costs, making it a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their packaging efficiency and reliability.

Semi-automatic pre-opened vertical packaging machines are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require a cost-effective and efficient packaging solution. They offer faster packaging speeds than manual methods, while still allowing for human control and flexibility.

One of the advantages of this type of packaging is its versatility. It can handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes, making it suitable for use in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and hardware.

Another benefit ofย  this machine – compact size, which makes it easy to integrate into existing production lines. It also requires minimal training to operate, which reduces the learning curve and increases productivity.

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